How is Norton Antivirus distinct from Windows Defender?

How is Norton Antivirus distinct from Windows Defender?

How is Norton Antivirus distinct from Windows Defender?

By protecting them against virus and hacking attacks, Norton antivirus saves the lives of many computer systems. These anti-viruses and other Norton security software also prevent several infections from occurring. These are infections that can directly or indirectly affect the performance of your device and may even go to the extent of stealing your data.How is Norton Antivirus distinct from Windows Defender

Most of the Windows users are of the view that Windows Defender works exactly the same way as a Norton antivirus that you download from

However, there are diverse security features that are exclusive to Norton.

We have enlisted some of these features. Kindly take a look at them.

Periodic Background Scans:

Today’s digital world is very much virus-prone.

Therefore it is imperative to ensure a regular scanning, that too on a periodic basis.

Here is an instance of how MS Windows Defender is different in this sense from Norton.

Microsoft Windows Defender only blocks “Known”, or in other words “Recognized” malware threats whereas Norton security software works continuously in the background to monitor all of your online and offline activities, recognized or unrecognized.

Advanced Technologies:

Intrusion Prevention System or IPS.
Once you have finished installing and activating Norton setup, the antivirus keeps an eagle eye over the network traffic and instantaneously blocks malicious attacks before they reach the ability to cause damage to your device. This dedicated security technology has another advantage which is that it also prevents your device from cybercriminals attacks.

Emulation and sandboxing of the viruses and malware

Cybercrooks, with the intent of getting into computer systems, inject viruses into legitimate software. Users download these software thinking that they are virus-free. Norton uses a highly advanced emulator that performs the function of identifying this trick and thereby ensures that the application or the software you are attempting to download is safe and secure for use. Norton security software scans and analyzes all files that it deems suspicious and checks their behavior and actions before permitting them to run on the device.

PEP or Proactive Exploit Protection.

PEP technology protects computer systems from zero-day attacks.

These are attacks whose definition or script is not specified in virus definitions.

Two-way firewall.

One huge problem of surfing the internet is inadvertently providing unauthorized access to your software, network, and applications to unwanted parties. Norton security software solutions prevent this. It does this by recognizing and immediately blocking the traffic that is not safe for your device.

Other security features that render Norton security software different from Microsoft Windows Defender are anti-spam, social network protection, compatibility with multiple web browsers, and cloud-based management. If you require further information on how to download any Norton antivirus from, you can contact Norton customer service number and get immediate help from a technician.

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