What Is IC(Internet Security) and What is its Importance?

What Is IC(Internet Security) and What is its Importance?

What Is IC(Internet Security) and What is its Importance?

Internet security is playing a very important role in the purpose of computer security. It block all the viruses and threats from internet.it avoids the hacking attempt by unauthorized users who try to steal your personal data from your device like laptop, androids, iPads, iPhones etc. It provides safety for your emails and website from different types of malware and malicious software which can be harmful to your personal data.

Internet security protects the vulnerable systems from threats; and it will be helpful to find the thefts, where hackers are stealing personal details like credit card numbers and bank account information. But you don’t need to worry you can protect your computer from these threats with the help of Internet security.

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Malware is malicious software which includes viruses worms, and trojans. A virus is software which replicates itself throughout a system. Malware can affect your computer and your personal data. And it can compromise your computer. A network of the compromised computer system is called botnets. They are used to send malware or spam.

You need to install an anti-malware application and use it to protect your computer from these threats.

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Use an active Firewall:-

You should use a dynamic and active firewall on your computer. A firewall can be used as a filter to your device. It allows and denies access to a network. Firewalls are hardware or software devices which can protect the sensitive information which is uncovered from systems and also prevent delicate information from unauthorized persons – such as malicious code — from being planted on networks. Firewalls use a specific set of rules for all information which is coming in or going out of the system, whether it is dangerous or benign.

A firewall can protect your online activities and it secures your emails and secure your banking details and your credit card number. A firewall prevents your computer from online threats which can be harmful to your computer.—-

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