Norton antivirus windows edition

Norton antivirus windows edition

Norton antivirus windows edition
Symantec Corporation has been known for creating Norton antivirus software. The software has been
working wonders in the technological market since then. Norton was created to work with Microsoft as
well as MACOS.

The Windows edition of Norton

In Norton antivirus 2004 edition, the product activation was introduced. By doing this, an estimate of 3.6
million Norton products were sold. if we talk about the security provided by Norton, it was very unique.
To identify a computer’s configuration, an alphanumeric product code is generated. The code lies within
the product key. This key wasn’t for a single time and it allowed the Users to activate their Norton
product five times without requiring the new key.
To the 2005 version of Norton for windows, a detection as well as the removal of
Spyware and adware were introduced. This came with the tagline stating, “Antispyware Edition”.In the
versions that were released later, The tagline continued and it became the tagline for the Norton
After the release of 2009 version of Norton, the users weren’t much satisfied because Norton always
came up with new features and better protection, however, no such thing was seen in this version for
windows. The said version didn’t include Spyware and adware detection. It was called as Norton
antivirus 2009 classic version.
The latest 2010 version of Norton was really good and different. It provided better security and had
better speed. Norton made its users happy by declaring that the users from 2006 to 2009 can upgrade
to the latest 2010 version without having the need to buy the new subscription. However upgrading to
the 2010 version, will preserve the days left on a user’s subscription.

Version 2006 (13.0)

The most trusted and used version for windows of Norton was the version of 2006. It was highly
acceptable and loved by the users.
The said version had some changes, it consisted of the redesigned main graphical user interface that
aggregated the information in a central user interface. New features like the internet explorer
homepage hijacking protection was introduced and also the detection of zero-day malware including
bloodhound disassembles and a variety of programming language was also In addition to this the codes
scanner for malicious instructions using a predefined algorithm was also introduced.

To work on the device, it required windows 2000 service pack 3 or the Windows XP including the free
space of 150 Mb in the device and a processor of 300 MHz. However the free space required for
Windows XP is a bit more than that of Windows 2000. Windows XP requires 256 MB of free space.
Norton antivirus released a number of other versions that were compatible for windows and worked
really well with windows. All the versions irrespective of the bugs were highly accepted by the users.

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