Significant information on Norton Firewall rules.

Significant information on Norton Firewall rules.

Significant information on Norton Firewall rules.

A firewall is a concrete security system that allows you to browse safely and transmit data over the internet. Norton Firewall blocks malware, spyware, Trojans, and rootkits etc. and therefore provides you with protection from these types of cyber threats.  Norton (download link: offers Norton Firewall security and uses traffic rules in order to decide what to block and what to permit when it comes to a network connection.Norton Firewall rules

There are two kinds of rules pertaining to the Norton Firewall:

Program rules– These rules guard the network access for those programs that are installed on your computer.

Traffic rules – These rules control the entire incoming and outgoing network traffic.

Program rules:

Program rules are customizable. You can customize these rules by:

Renaming the program description;

Modifying  the rules for a program;

Adding a rule for a program;

Modifying the access settings for a program rule.

Also, you can change the sequence of rules from the list by modifying the rules for the program.

Traffic rules:

You get a list of pre-defined traffic rules, out of which, several rules are locked as they can be opened in read-only mode only. Rules appear on the basis of priority.

Moreover, rules which are on the top override the traffic rule which is at a comparatively lower level. Meanwhile, on this tab, you can also include some traffic rules.

You can customize the program rules by the following:

By Modifying the traffic rule;

You can change the traffic rules if you don’t want the function to be going on but if you are unable to change some read-only default rules.

By Switching off the traffic rule;

You can turn off the traffic rules. However, you won’t be able to change some read-only traffic rules.

by Changing the priority of the traffic rule;

You can change the order of the traffic rules according to your priority.

If you want more information on Firewall rules or on how to download Norton using this, you can call the customer support assistants. They will be glad to assist you.


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