What is NORTON 360?

What is NORTON 360?


norton.com/setup.After working wonders in the technological market, Symantec corporation developed genesis which was
an all in one security suite. The main feature of the Genesis was to combine online protection with the
performance tuning. Genesis was however later named Norton 360 in may 2006 as it had same functions
as Norton internet security.

Norton 360 included the optimization and the problem-solving tools which differentiated it from the
norton internet security. It was available in the market as a boxed copy ,users could download it and it
even came as an OEM software that was pre-installed on computers.
The overwhelming response from users was appreciable. However, in 2014 , Symantec discontinued
norton 360 as it was being cut from the overhauled norton line. Since the features were highly
acceptable by users, Symantec decided to carry it’s features to norton security,it’s successor.
Project Genesis
The project genesis was announced by Symantec in 2006 February. It was unique and one of its kind as it
differed from other consumer security products. It included file backup, performance optimisation tools,
antivirus including a firewall. It also had protect against pishing and consisted of heuristics.
One of the best features was that it was compatible with windows vista. During 2006, Microsoft
launched its antivirus software and named it OneCare. After the launch of OneCare, Symantec seemed
lagging behind in the antivirus market. Most people thought that norton 360 was a counter competition
to OneCare however the vice president of Symantec later claimed that it wasn’t launched to compete
with OneCare.
In 2006, Symantec launched the norton 360 beta version for windows XP. In December 2006,due to
the high acceptance by users,a second beta version was launched for windows vista build 6000. Around
100,00 people tested the software in February 2007 and accepted it which was when Symantec
distributed norton 360 to the retailers.
Norton security is always trustworthy and highly acceptable by the users globally.norton.com/setup

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