Why Norton’s Core router Security is a must- have:

Why Norton’s Core router Security is a must- have:

Why Norton’s Core router Security is a must- have:

The access to the internet in the current times is unprecedented. But with this comes the problems of cyber crimes. There’s always a threat that the hackers would breach into people’s personal data and the risk is almost doubled when users connect with unprotected or public Wi-Fi platforms. This is the reason why Norton’s core router Wi-fi security is a must have as it provides secure internet connectivity and protects its users from these open issues. Among the many security products offered by Norton antivirus, Norton Core router is the one which is needed the most.Norton's Core router Security is a must- have

What actually is a Norton Core router?

Norton Core router is a wireless router that protects the users’ connected personal network while giving the highest level of security and enhanced performance. There is a one-year complimentary subscription to Norton core router security plus. With the subscription, the user gets advanced services that help in protecting the personal network and the connected devices. If the user has exceeded the subscription, he can visit www.norton.com/setupand renew it.

Active subscription includes giving security to computers and mobile devices against viruses, malware, and hacker attacks. Apart from the computer security, the Norton Core mobile app comprises of complete parental controls.

Characteristics of Norton Core router:

Network and device’s security.

Security score to indicate the level of security of the home network.

A user can discover and identify his smart device automatically.

Blocks the connection of unknown users.

Protects personal information.

Parental control.

Generation of the separate guest network for now users.

Boosting the speed of real-time uploads and downloads of the users’ network.

A built-in crypto-core processor to validate the data encryption for all kinds of data and communications.

All in all, the users can eliminate the risks of online frauds for the download of.

Click norton.com/setup and get Norton security to provide the ultimate security to your computer system.


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