Windows versions of Norton antivirus software

Windows versions of Norton antivirus software

Windows versions of Norton antivirus software
Symantec created Norton antivirus in a way that it was compatible with almost all the versions and
updates of windows. All the windows users loved the Norton antivirus as it protected their systems from
getting viruses that could destroy the system and the data.
Below are the different versions of Norton antivirus software for windows

Version 2006 (13.0)windows version of norton

The redesigned main graphical interface aggregates info in a very central user
interface. CNET reports the Norton Protection Center, whereas helpful, tries to advertise extra products.
To additional facilitate detection of zero-day malware, hound disassembles a spread
of programming languages and scans code for malicious directions using a predefined algorithm. web explorer homepage hijacking protection was introduced during this unleash as well, but notably missing is search engine hijacking protection. CNET highlighted Norton AntiVirus
2006’s noticeable impact on system performance.
The Windows XP required 150 MB of free space and a 300 MHz processor plus 128 MB of RAM under
windows 2000 however 256 MB of RAM is required in Windows XP.

Version 2007 (14.0)

In September 2006 Symantec recreated the Norton antivirus and the main goal behind the recreation
was to reduce the high utilization of the system resource. In this revised release, Norton was now
compatible with Windows Vista. It attracted many new users and the family against viruses
increased. The results were mixed by the CNET reports, in the performance testing even after 80% of the
codes being rewritten. However there was a drawback of this release, the version didn’t support
Windows 2000, though the windows vista compatibility with 32-bit versions was added with a patch
from Symantec. The vista required 150 Mb free space,800 MHz processor and a 512 MB RAM, for Norton
to function smoothly.
However, the requirements for Windows XP were somewhat different from that of windows vista. It
required 150 MB free space,300 MHz processor and also a 256 MB RAM to function properly.

Version 2008 (15.0)

In August 2008, the 2008 version of Norton antivirus was released. This version focused mainly on malware prevention and a new feature called SONAR was introduced, this feature looked for suspicious
behavior of the applications. It also included real-time exploit protection and also prevented common
vulnerabilities of browser and application. It required 300 Mb of free space,300 MHz processor and 256
MB of RAM, for Windows XP.
After 2008 version many other versions were released however the users complained of certain
bugs, that proved to be troublesome for both the users as well as the devices.
Due to a number of reasons the Symantec corporation discontinued the Norton antivirus product by the
end of 2015 and replaced it with Norton security.

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