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What is or or are  URLs(Uniform Resource Locator) where you can set up your Norton antivirus. Norton antivirus helps you to secure your computer from viruses, malware, and phishing. Norton security protects the devices including laptop, tablets, iPad, Computers, And Smartphones as well. Norton security has real-time protection, Email Spam filtering, Anti Phishing security, Data protection. It protects your device from other attacks which can harm your device security as wells your personal data on the device. Norton support every operating system including Windows XP/vista/7/8/9/10 or Mac OS. You can get your Norton security from the retail store or can get it from online as well. To install and activate your licensed Norton Security you must require 25 digits alpha-numeric product key and you will go ahead with the installation of your Norton product. You can activate Norton by online only.

How to protect your Pc through Norton.

With a Norton Antivirus Security on ADP system, one will secure their computer and make sure that data which is stored in a computer is safe. Viruses, phishing websites, malicious programs, and other threat will damage your device. And if you wish to protect your device from these threats you can go ahead and take a plan on your device then you can transfer, purchase and run an antivirus program on your device.

So to get started with Norton Security, you need to stay a number of a key which will be present on the card that you purchased. You wish to form certain if your device meets the specification of Norton security or not? And to avoid code conflict you need to be sure that there is no different antivirus already installed in your device. If there is any antivirus running in your device then uninstall it.

Downloading Norton Setup

 Go to or and sign in with your registers email address or
Once you are done with entering your registered email and password then click sign in
Open a window Norton Setup and then you need to click on transfer Norton Setup
Now you wish to enter the product key that you have purchased.
And then you need to click on agree and transfer.


To get Norton protection for your PC simply follows these steps:

  • Open the official website of Norton
  • Login or create a new Norton account(
  • To create a new account fill in the credentials available in the dialogue box
  • Click on create account.
  • Once your account is created, you will be able to download a trial version of Norton.
  • Next, you will be able to purchase Norton for your Pc for some years. For this, you will be asked to enter 25 digit letters which are already provided by them
  • Secondly, you can uninstall Norton with the help of the Norton removal

Steps for installing Norton setup file.

1 Once the Norton Setup file is downloaded in your device, install it as per given instruction mentioned below :
2 if you are using Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox you need to click on the download icon and the Double Click on the downloaded setup file and Hit RUN
3 Once you Run the program you need to follow on-screen instruction to complete the installation process.

Steps for Activating Norton Setup:

Once you have successfully installed Norton Setup on your Device, you need to activate it as well.
For that you need to open your Norton Product were you have to Putin the key
Once you open the main window you need to click the assistance button
Now, you will be prompted to enter the Norton product box
Enter the product key within the choice accessible below account data
Copy the key from your email and put it within the provided setup

Well if you got your Norton product offline you need to have a retail card.T hen you will be able to get the product key on the rear side of the card. That you have purchased offline. And then you can set it up on

Steps to reinstall Norton Setup

If you want to keep your computers protected within your workplace and securing your crucial business contents which are stored in the computer.
Norton security has the potential to protect your business information.
Follow these steps mentioned below to reinstall Norton setup successfully:
Click on window begin button
Then go to electrical device
In the program section there will uninstall a program link, Then you will see a list of programs which are presently installed in your device
And you need to select a Norton product that you just used to secure your device
Click on uninstall
Tap on an alternative: Mentioned as I commit to installing Norton product link and then you have to choose your setting by your choice.
The click on Restart Now.

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